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Guest Teachers


Born in Buenos Aires. He finished his degree in Circus and Performing Arts at UNSAM (National University of San Martin.)  He continued his training in France with the professional career Center des Arts du Cirque Ésacto'Lido, with the specialty in Acrodanza. He also studied Movement Anatomy, Feldenkrais, Eutonia, BMC (Body Mind Center), Axis Syllabus, and internal martial arts: Chi Kung, Tai Chi, Wudao. _In 2017 he created Flow Force, which he shares giving Workshops in France, Spain, Belgium, Germany, Italy, Argentina, Uruguay and Brazil.

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"Flow Force applied to Contact Impro"
Workshop Contact Impro

With Flow Force we are going to train the availability to relate to our liquids, with our bones, with our fascias, with gravity and with all the tensors that cross us in order to dance with them, using them and/or recycling them in favor of movement (body , mind and energy). We will explore the principles of adaptability: the intelligence and efficiency of the body to  relate and flow, welcoming change. We will accept MOVEMENT AS RELATIONSHIP, that is, not only move with ourselves, but also
let us move by, since the potential is born from the fluidity between moving and being moved.

We will study the OPPOSITES, merging them and observing how dynamic power is born in that swing. The ability to recycle forces. We will work with somatic practice tools, addressing concepts of biotensegrity, movement anatomy and internal martial arts, to address movement from a strong, soft and open body.

Flow Force is the intelligence of movement hidden in your body... Listening to it is empowering it... Open doors, connect channels to move and let us move, experience the laws of dynamics that affect your bones, your liquids, your instincts... and live with them... and dance with them...

Jonathan Martineau

Thinking is an art of giving birth. Dancing is an art of being born. If reality is something more than a word, it must be investigated in a moving body. If our ideas have to do with the world, they must develop in dialogue with gravity. Dance as an art of liberation.

This workshop is made up of psychosomatic experiments focused on transforming our conception of the space we are and the space we share. Inspired by butoh dance and nativity thinking, the workshop's experiments explore the possibility of understanding this shared space in its nascent and emerging state.


We work from the common spaces of breathing, gravity, physical sensations and imagination. In this way, we enhance sensitivity (the ability to capture sensations, that is, signals from space and the subconscious) and resonance (the ability to resonate and relate freely, spontaneously and innocently) to reach a vitalized space where the flavor of existence is enhances.


The workshop does not distinguish between theory and practice and proposes an investigation in movement destined to enjoy a dance of origin. It is accessible to all bodies, enjoyable for all minds.

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Philosopher and movement researcher. The translation of his doctoral thesis Shadows of justice. Political consequences of a nascent conception of being to bodily practices has given birth to butosophy. We are space and it only exists by being born. He regularly gives butosophy seminars and has published articles and presented papers on birth thought as a movement praxis, collected Co-directs Aula nostra. Formation of innate butoh. He was a member of the Omos Uno dance company (Cristiane Boullosa) and directed the Coracor company with Diana Bonilla. He has created the pieces Principios and Pinz& together with Matilde Javier Ciria. Along with Carlos Osatinsky and Fernando Nicolás Pelliccioli, he has staged Crucifluxión and Tre3. In solo, he has presented Exposing the exhibition, the piece titled &, The flower, Being born will set you free, I have come to never return and Viaje a Ecbatana. With the company Al descubierto physical theater, he has created Ashes and Diamonds and A Dance for Everyone and Nobody.

"The Art of Being Born"
Butoh Dance Workshop

Carlos Lopez Aragon

Multidisciplinary artist with a long career in the field of performing arts. Dancer-acrobat, musician, composer, producer and director of the Cía. Southern Zen - Contemporary Arts. Their creativity and expressive abilities have allowed them to work with renowned national companies such as (Fernando Hurtado Dance Company, Granada City Orchestra, Laví e Bel Theater Company) and international projects (Circo Interior Gross: Cirque Jules Verne – Amiens ). She has received several prizes in dance, break-dance and acrobatic gymnastics competitions, and her shows have received awards at major performing arts fairs.


After more than seventeen years of research with the arts of movement and music, Carlos has developed his own expressive language characterized by the mastery of floor acrobatics, the fluidity and plasticity of contemporary dance, the strength and creativity of urban dances. and control in the manipulation of circus elements such as the cyr wheel. Likewise, percussion and piano are his musical instruments par excellence.


At an academic level, Carlos has a degree in Physical Activity and Sports Sciences and is currently developing a line of research on the beneficial effects of performing arts on people's health and quality of life.

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Acrobatic Dance Workshop

This workshop is based on learning movement techniques from acrobatic disciplines (gymnastics, breaking and capoeira) and contemporary dance to expand the motor possibilities of our body, improve our body control and enrich the quality of our movements.


Through exploration with balance, sliding, jumping, turning and contact with the ground, we will learn to combine acrobatic movement with an organic and fluid dance adapted to our physical possibilities.


It includes the learning of aids and assistances between participants to carry out certain complex movements.

Xandra Gutierrez

Xandra Gutiérrez_edited.jpg

Clown, physical actress and dancer began her artistic training at the El Circ Petit preparatory school for circus (Barcelona 2010) and continued  her studies at the CAU Circus and Theater School (Granada 2011-2012). . After completing this training, he decided to create a first project for the company Picaparte Circo. Mixing circus techniques of acrobatic bearing, tightrope and juggling with gestural theater. Passionate about the clown and the manipulation of objects, she receives courses from Christophe Thellier, Fanny Giraud, Anthony Mathieu, Jose Piris, Maite Guevara, Lluna Albert... among others. He participated for two years in the Estreyarte collective, in Granada, with which he carried out several stage experiments. She is part of the Las Primas company and as a substitute in the Proyecto NaNa dance company. In 2015 he decided to create his own niMú theater circus company, with which he performed several shows.

On his return to Bilbao, he studied at the CEC, Pablo Ibarluzea's physical theater school, where he learned the Lecoq movement technique. At the same time, he carries out the Contact improvisation training with Cristiane Boullosa and Diana Bonilla.

He is currently searching for his own language in which to merge

dance, physical theater and clown.

We will discover the relationship between space, body and creation.

We will study the materials, colors and natural elements that surround us and use them as creative tools. Listening will be the starting point to place the body in a place of availability, working in groups, duets and individually. We will rely on clown techniques to travel through the game and pleasure towards the most authentic ofusmism@s. We will become aware of the rhythm, intensity and energy necessary to sustain a scenic body.

"Presence of a Living Body" 
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